Is Bill Cosby Exaggerating His Blindness?

A video taken just seven months ago shows him speaking to students without his cane.

Could Bill Cosby be exaggerating his blindness?

After the comedian used a cane to help him walk to court following his indecent assault charges last week, his attorney called him a "blind man."

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Monique Pressley told Good Morning America: "He's 78 years old, and blind, so he does use a cane so that he can know what’s coming in front of him and he does require assistance."

But a video taken just seven months ago, shows him appearing at a school in Alabama without help from a cane.

As the footage shows, he seems to have no trouble engaging with his audience. But later it appears that he does need help finding his chair.

INSIDE EDITION asked optometrist Dr. Jacob Nachum to take a closer look at Cosby’s mugshot.

He said the cloudiness over the comedian's right eye is a sign he's suffering from keratoconus, a condition that changes the shape of the cornea.

He said: “Keratoconus causes a distortion in the cornea and allows fluid to enter the eye and cloud the surface.”

The debate comes amid another headache for Cosby.

His wife of more than 50 years, Camille, has been forced to testify in a defamation lawsuit brought against him by seven of his accusers.

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She tried to fight the subpoena claiming it be "an undue burden on her and invade her rights to privacy” but a judge has ruled she must give a deposition Wednesday.

She will be grilled about her husband's quote "sexual proclivities” and whether or not she ever "procured drugs for him."

Last week, Bill Cosby took to Twitter following his arrest on sexual assault charges on New Year’s Eve.

“Friends and Fans,” he wrote. “Thank you.”

Cosby denies all accusations of misconduct.

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