Couple Films Bedbugs Crawling Across Their Sheets in Manhattan Hotel

The couple told INSIDE EDITION they were left covered with bites from the bugs.

A California couple had a very gross encounter in the Big Apple, where it turned out their hotel room was infested with bedbugs, they say.

Elgin Ozlen posted itch-inducing video of the creepy crawlers burrowing in the seams of their mattress at the Astor on the Park hotel on Manhattan's Upper West Side. His six-minute clip has garnered more than one million views.

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He tells INSIDE EDITION the couple had already changed rooms twice because there was no heat and no working electrical outlets. The hotel has not commented on the video.

IE's Steven Fabian went to the hotel undercover to check things out. Clad in a haz mat suit, he checked the mattress in one room, but found no evidence of bedbugs.  

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Ozlen's video also shows some 75 bites on his girlfriend's arms, back and stomach, which he says came from bedbugs.

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