1,000 Italian Foo Fighters Fans Return and Cover the Band Again

1,000 Foo Fighters fans in Italy have reunited to cover the American rock band again.

Over the summer, 1,000 Foo Fighters fans gathered to cover Foo Fighters’ 1998 hit, “Learn to Fly,” in an effort to get the band to play the small town of Cesena, Italy.

Now, the fans are back and doing it again.

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The group, who call themselves Rockin’ 1000, got together to perform the band’s new song, “Saint Cecilia.”

The fans recorded the audio from separate locations before it was edited to make one performance track, according to Spin.

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Rockin’ 1000 were successful in their efforts in bringing Foo Fighters to Cesena. The band performed a concert in the city last November.

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