Crazed Fan Goes After A-Rod over Cameron Diaz at Yankee Stadium

Alex Rodriguez is used to dealing with a lot of fans, but even he was caught by surprise when a crazed fan of Cameron Diaz tried to confront him on the field at Yankee Stadium. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

A crazed fan is tackled and subdued at Yankee Stadium, and you won't believe what he wanted to do!

The Yankee game announcer said during the broadcast, "Somebody has been brought to the ground in left field."

It happened in the fifth inning of the playoff game between the New York Yankees and the Texas Rangers.

Joe Rogan, who also goes by the name "Grim LaRouge," wanted to confront superstar third baseman Alex Rodriguez over his relationship with Cameron Diaz,   police said.

The New York Post's front page trumpeted the news: "A-Rod Rage! Crazed Fan Had Crush on Cameron!"

The Yankee game announcer said, "New York City's finest are taking care of business."

Rogan was brought down before he could reach Rodriguez, who stood and watched as the crowd roared, "Taser him! Taser him! Taser him!"

The suspect was taken from Yankee Stadium to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. Perhaps the most disturbing thing of all was a collection of photographs the crazed fan was allegedly carrying.

A photo of Diaz had the words "We will be Together soon" written on it, and another showed Rodriguez with a drawing of a gun pointed at his head, according to police.

Rogan was also said to be carrying a picture of Osama Bin Laden with the inscription, "I will serve you."

Fortunately, we will never know what would've happened had Rogan not been stopped.