Cops Find 3-Year-Old Girl Sitting in Parking Lot After She Was Taken in a Stolen Car

Caraline Leon-Alcocar was sitting alone in the dark parking lot when she was scooped up by police.

Video shows the dramatic moment a police officer discovered a three-year-old girl sitting alone in a dark parking lot, hours after she was taken in a stolen car.

Caraline Leon-Alcocar was inside her mother's vehicle in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Saturday night, but when her mom got out run a quick errand, a thief jumped into the vehicle and took off, police said.

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The car was later found, but the little girl was nowhere to be seen. An Amber Alert was issued.

After hours of searching, Caraline was found just after 1 a.m. by Officer Chris Poccia.

“I was using my spotlight and I saw a ball of purple, in the middle of the parking lot and I thought that’s weird and I drove into the parking lot and I could tell it was a kiddo,” he said at a press conference.

The moment was captured the moment on his lapel camera.

"Hi sweetheart, you ok?" he says as he rushes over to scoop her up. "Come here, come here!"

He then takes her to his car, and tells her to get warm.

"Are you ok sweetie?" another man asks.

At the press conference, Poccia said the little girl was crying, cold and scared when he and the volunteers found her.

Caraline was reunited with her mother in the parking lot before medical staff checked on her. She is expected to be fine, police said.

Poccia, a father of three, said the happy discovery was a group effort.

"I’ll be honest, on my way home, I started crying too, I was just very happy and thankful that we were able to find her," he said.

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Police are still looking for the man who took the little girl.

"I can't even imagine what the animal who did this was thinking," Poccia said.

Investigators describe him as 5'11" to 6' tall, between 190 and 200 pounds with short brown hair, possibly Hispanic. They are also looking to question another man, who was wearing an Oakland Raiders jacket, KRQE reported.

Anyone with information is asked to call 505-242-COPS.

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