7,000 People Show Up For Trump Rally While Just 600 Go to See Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump managed an impressive turn out in Massachusetts while Hillary Clinton had a small amount of people in New Hampshire.

Die-hard Donald Trump supporters braved bitter sub-freezing temperatures at a raucous rally in Massachusetts on Monday night.

A staggering 7,000 cheering followers turned up to hear him speak.

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Protestors also attended the rally. The GOP frontrunner told security to “get them out” of the Lowell venue.

Trump eventually took a dig at the protestors and people who interrupted by saying: “They remind me a little of Hillary. No energy, no stamina, no strength.”

His massive audience was a stark contrast to Hillary Clinton’s campaign rally in Iowa on Monday night. Only 600 people showed up.

She told supporters that she has a new plan for dealing with Trump: “I've adopted a New Year’s resolution. I'm going to let him live in his alternative reality and I’m not going to respond.”

Former President Bill Clinton charmed voters on Monday in New Hampshire during his first solo campaign trip this election.

The former president made some not-so-subtle jabs back at Trump but never mentioned him by name.

“It's kind of scary this year, but believe it or not, most everybody actually tries to do what they say they're gonna do when they're running,” he said. “I do not believe in my lifetime anybody has run for this job at a greater time of importance, by knowledge, experience and temperament, to do what needs to be done now.”

The latest polls from NBC News / Survey Monkey show Trump surging to 35 percent, up 17 percent over his nearest rival Ted Cruz.

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Trump also faces some backlash following the release of his first TV campaign ad. It turns out footage in the ad of immigrants streaming across the border isn't in America -- it's in Africa.

A Trump spokesman says: "No, it's not the Mexican border but that’s what our country is going to look like if we don't do anything."

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