Watch This Free Diver Save a 45-Foot Whale Tangled in Fishing Gear

A diver in the Canary Islands rescued a whale that was tangled in fishing gear for days.

A fearless free diver incredibly saved a 45-foot Bryde’s whale after it became tangled in fishing gear off the Canary Islands.

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Cesar Espino spent more than an hour diving into the water to cut the rope from the whale's mouth and fin.

A friend of Espino’s filmed the entire incident and posted it to Facebook.


Local reports say the whale must have been tangled for days because he was severely emaciated.

Once free, the whale began to swim away, as Espino followed it to make sure it was in good shape.

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Espino told journalist Lourdes Beitez Carillo in Spain: "I quickly jumped in the water and let the whale see me to know I was going to try to free her. I felt sorry for her, so I did not hesitate a moment."

Bryde’s whales can grow up to 55 feet and weigh up to an astonishing 90,000 pounds.

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