Boy Looks For Man Who Wrote 27-Year-Old Message in a Bottle He Found on the Beach

Five-year-old Ryder Goggin is trying to track down the author of the letter that washed up in California. Do you know who it is?

A five-year-old boy out for a walk with his mom stumbled upon a treasure, and a mystery, stuck in the sand.

Ryder Goggin and his mother, Heather, were celebrating his birthday in picturesque Mendocino, California, when they found a bottle on the beach.

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The cap said "Original New York Seltzer," which went out of business 22 years ago.

Inside, neatly printed, was this note:

"Hi my name is Chris. I am 10 years old and in the 5th grade. I live in Sacramento. Call me when you find this to let me know where it washed ashore."

The bottle note was dated Sept. 5, 1988. 

"He was hoping it was a treasure map. He said the next time he finds something it will be a treasure map," his mom said. And to Ryder, 27 years seems an eternity: "That was a long time ago!" he exclaimed.

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INSIDE EDITION called the number, but it has been disconnected.

Records at the Sacramento public library shows the number belonged to Cliff Farnsworth in 1981, but there were no other records in his name.

Ryder and his mom, meanwhile, told INSIDE EDITION that they are still trying to find the note's author.

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