Steve Harvey Denies Miss Universe Gaffe Was A Publicity Stunt: 'I'm Already Famous'

The host is giving his side of the story for the first time.

Steve Harvey is explaining how he made one of the worst blunders in pageant history at last month's Miss Universe competition. 

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He said: "All hell broke loose. And all I hear people saying backstage was: 'That's the wrong name.’"

Speaking out on his radio show, Harvey gave a detailed explanation: "I got a guy in my ear saying: 'We got to do something. We got to do something'. That's all I’m hearing. It's utter confusion backstage. So I took it upon myself and I walked out there to do something.”

According to Harvey, he was looking into the teleprompter he saw the words "and the winner is...” That’s all that was written on the prompter.

He was then supposed to read the name of the actual winner off of the card he was holding. The problem was that the card also showed the name of the first runner up. And that's the name he announced.

The real winner may have been Miss Philippines but plenty of hearts went out to Miss Colombia.

She's also speaking out and she's not happy. In an interview on Univision, the 22-year-old says she hasn't forgiven Harvey or the pageant for embarrassing her in front of the world.

She says: “I went up to my parent’s room and obviously I was very sad. I was in bad shape. I was crying. I cried a ton that night.”

Harvey says he's tried calling Miss Colombia to apologize but hasn’t gotten a response.

But Miss Colombia says Harvey hasn't reached out to her.

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"In four minutes they destroy your dreams. They throw it in a bag and they throw it in the trash. They could have done it another way. I feel like it doesn't matter to them the feelings of a girl who has worked her whole life for a dream,” she said.

As for those who say the Miss Universe fiasco was all done for publicity? Harvey says no way.

“Why the hell would I do that?" he said.

“I'm already famous. Do you really think I want to be famous like this?”

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