Dying Dog Dips His Paws In Gulf Of Mexico To Complete His Bucket List

Terminally ill dog completes the final item of his bucket list adventures, dipping his paws in the Gulf of Mexico.

A terminally ill dog who was given just weeks to live has spent the past year traveling around the U.S. crossing items off his bucket list.

Thomas Neil Rodriguez adopted Poh in December 1999, when he was just eight weeks old.

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About a year ago, Poh was diagnosed with kidney failure and the vet found two tumors in his abdomen. Rodriguez was told his 15-year-old dog would not live much longer.  

To make the most of the time he had left with his long-time canine companion, Rodriguez and his fiancée decided to go on a cross-country trip with Poh.

“There was really only one important item on the bucket list, everything else was just part of the journey,” Rodriguez told INSIDE EDITION. “We wanted Poh to dip his paws in the Pacific Ocean and swim for the first time.”

Poh’s journey was documented on an Instagram account created specifically for his adventures.

As the trio drove from coast to coast more stops were made and more items were added to the bucket list. They stopped at major landmarks along the way, including the Washington Monument, Graceland, Bourbon Street, the Seattle Space Needle, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Route 66 sign.

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Poh recently crossed off the final item of the bucket list by going for a swim in the Gulf of Mexico.

“Initially we didn't think Poh would even make it a week or two. We were actually given a timeline of days,” Rodriguez told INSIDE EDITION, “He has now been with us almost one year since being diagnosed with kidney failure.  As long as he can, we will enjoy our lives together to the fullest.”

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