DWTS Latest Cast-Off and Friends Mourn Death of TV Icon

Florence Henderson is the latest star to be voted off Dancing with the Stars, much to everyone's surprise. INSIDE EDITION caught up with her backstage after the show.

A shocking elimination on Dancing with the Stars! Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson gets the boot.

"This has been a great experience," said Florence.

Florence leaves the show even though Bristol Palin got the lowest scores for her bizarre dance in a gorilla suit.

"I was so shocked—so scared walking in tonight!" said Bristol.

Backstage, Florence was especially sad about the death of her good friend, another TV icon—Tom Bosley from TV's Happy Days.

"He's just a great, great guy. He will be missed," said Florence.

Tributes for the beloved actor who played Mr. Cunningham are pouring in. Henry Winkler, who memorably played the Fonz, told the Today show about Tom Bosley's final moments.

"His grandson this past weekend was bar mitzvah-ed, and the entire family from all over the country came to LA.., so he was able to see everybody," said Winkler.

Actor Donny Most, who played Ralph Malph, told INSIDE EDITION he spent a weekend with Bosley last month after he learned he was battling lung cancer.

"It was great spending time with him. He was doing well. We went out to a restaurant, and it was a really nice visit," said Most.

Tom Bosley will be remembered as one of the most beloved dads in TV history.