Brett Favre's Wife Speaks About Scandal

Brett Favre's wife Deanna speaks out for the first time since news of his sexting scandal broke. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The wife of embattled football great Brett Favre is speaking out for the first time about her husband's sexting scandal.

Deanna Favre opened up to Good Morning America about dealing with the uproar that her husband of 14 years allegedly made a pass at gorgeous sideline reporter Jen Sterger in 2008 when he was playing for the New York Jets. He's also accused of texting Sterger lewd sex photos of himself.

"I'm handling this through faith. Obviously I am a woman of faith and faith has gottten me through many difficult struggles and it will get me through this one," said Deanna.

Deanna was there to promote her new book, The Cure, and her interview was scheduled months ago.

The investigation into the scandal is heating up. This week Favre had his first meeting with NFL officials, and Sterger has hired a lawyer.

Meanwhile, the sideline reporter at the center of another NFL drama is back at work. Ines Sainz made headlines last month when she claimed she was the subject of catcalls and suggestive remarks from the New York Jets.

INSIDE EDITION was there as Sainz headed back to the football field to interview players from the Pittsburgh Steelers. This time she decided to stay out of the locker room.

"I think I got too much attention the last time I was into the locker room. I truly believe its not necessary, " said Sainz.

Sainz has come under fire for her ensembles which some say are way too sexy. She toned it down this time, looking buttoned up in jeans and a blouse.

Sainz said, "I'm coming back and everything is perfect and I will keep going."