Woman Pumping Gas is Carjacked, Taken on 150-Mile Ride Before Escaping

After Rachel Stephenson's harrowing ordeal, INSIDE EDITION is looking at gas station dangers and how to avoid them.

A young woman was taken on a 150-mile wild ride after she was carjacked at a gas station. 

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Rachel Stephenson was pumping gas at a Pennsylvania station when a man jumped in her car.

When she tried to stop him, he forced her into the car, telling her: "You're my hostage. They won't shoot a young black kid in the car if there's a pretty white girl in the passenger seat."

More and more gas stations are becoming danger zones, INSIDE EDITION has learned. 

In Detroit it has become an epidemic.

Why are gas stations the perfect place for criminals to catch victims off guard?

Security expert Steve Kardian answered that question for IE. “We're on cell phone. We're plugging in credit card info. We're completely distracted,  which is exactly what the predator is looking for.”

We asked Kardian to give some tips on how to stay safe at the pump.

“Shut car off, take (the) keys out of the ignition, step out of car, lock the car and hit the alarm,” he said.

“A lot of women leave their bags on the front seat and a thief knows this."

Police call these crooks sliders, because they slide between cars swiping purses off the car seats of unsuspecting women.

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“Take your bag with you, take you valuables with you and don't leave them in plain view,” he said.

Stevenson made a big mistake in trying to stop her carjacker, he said.

“He wants your car, he wants your bag, he wants your money. Give it up, don't risk your life for the sake of your car,” he said.

Our expert says always try to get gas during daylight hours. If you have to get gas at night, choose a busy, well-lit gas station with visible surveillance cameras.

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