See L.A. Restaurant Ceiling Crack and Collapse as El Nino Batters California

A series of storms drenched California and flooded buildings and streets.

El Nino is bringing massive downpours in California.

In a Los Angeles restaurant, the ceiling gave way and rainwater came pouring in.

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After one of the longest droughts in state history, residents are getting huge amount s of rain as back-to-back storms over the Pacific Ocean threaten to bring more storms. 

Storms soaked California on Tuesday, bringing 1.42 inches of rain, breaking a daily record set in 1979, according to the National Weather Service.

Santa Monica got nearly 1.5 inches of rain and Malibu got 1.76 inches over the last 24 hours, according to the National Weather Service.

A driver was stranded when he found his Mini Cooper just couldn't make it through a flooded street. 

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According to reports, a voluntary evacuation order was issued in parts of Orange County because of mudslide concerns.

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