Reporter is Accidentally Stabbed on TV While Testing 'Stab-Proof' Vest

The demonstration didn't go quite as planned.

A journalist was accidentally stabbed while demonstrating a supposedly stab-proof vest for a TV report.

Eitam Lachover, from Israel's Channel 1, donned the jacket - the same type that will be given to Israeli soldiers - and was stabbed in the back without issue.

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"I am responsible for you safety and if something happens I will take care of you," the demonstrator told him.

But at one point, the knife punctured the vest and he suffered a cut to his back. He required stitches and was discharged from hospital, he said on Twitter.

He later told Channel 1: "There are some experiments that I will pass next time."

He added: "I have to say that this jacket was put together for this experiment only and the protective material slipped on the third stabbing. I am sure the commercial version is safe."

Yaniv Montakyo, a vice president of the company that manufactures the vests, said Lachover had been stabbed in a section where there's no protective material, Channel 2 reported.

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"The knife did not penetrate the vest," the company, FMS Enterprises, said in a statement. "The reporter moved during the demonstration, and the ‘stabber’ missed the vest. The reporter was stabbed slightly above the vest."

The report aired on Wednesday despite the incident.

The BBC reported that soldiers are set to receive the same vests following a recent spate of stabbings.

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