Serial Killer Colonel Confesses to Shocking Crimes

The cross-dressing Colonel exposed as a serial killer confesses to his shocking crimes during a taped interrogation. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It was the smile of a madman Colonel, grinning as he is about to be confronted with evidence that he's a serial killer.

He's air force Col. Russell Williams, the perverted cross-dresser who photographed himself wearing his victim's lingerie.

Williams said, "It's hard to believe this is happening."

Williams's grin disappears when he realizes he is cornered, faced with overwhelming forensic evidence of his crimes.

On the video taped confession, Williams said, "I want to minimize the impact on my wife."

"So do I," said the interregator.

"So how do we do that?" asked Williams.

"We start by telling the truth," said the interregator.

There's a long pause, 30 seconds, before he starts confessing to the murders of two women and 82 break-ins where he actually photographed himself in lingerie. He describes how he broke into the home of air force corporal Marie Comeau. She discovered him in her basement, as she was looking for her cat.

"She was trying to get her cat to come upstairs and the cat was in the basement had seen me and was fixated on me in the corner," said Williams.

He even videotaped the corporal begging for her life, pleading: "Have a heart. Please!"

After suffocating her with duct tape, the cold-blooded Canadian Col. had the nerve to send a condolence letter to her family as her commanding officer which read, "Please let me know whether there is anything I can do to help you during this very difficult time."

Another victim, 27-year-old Jessica Lloyd, knew the end was near and made this heartbreaking appeal to Williams saying, "If I die, will you make sure to let my mom know that I love her?"

Williams said, "I struck her with the flashlight thinking it would knock her out. It didn't. We struggled. I subdued her. Took some pictures, left."

The case is baffling experts because Col. Williams was so admired and turned into a serial killer late in life.

Criminal profiler Pat Brown told INSIDE EDITION, "Almost always when we have a serial killer, he has a low level job and he's frustrated with his life. Certainly not a Col. in the air force. That's what makes this so unusal."