Ted Cruz, Rand Paul Mock Marco Rubio's 'High-Heeled Booties'

The GOP presidential hopeful stepped out in a pair of two-inch heeled boots, much to the joy of his rivals.

Marco Rubio is on the campaign trail - but it's his boots that are getting all the attention.

The five-foot-ten presidential hopeful is wearing boots with two-inch heels to get a leg up on his taller rivals. And he is being mocked mercilessly for it.

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Rand Paul - who is actually two inches shorter than Rubio - made fun of those heels on The View.

"I'm in Whoopi Goldberg's office. We've seen Rubio has those cute new boots and we're wondering whether we need some new shoes," said Paul.

After the show, he posted the clip online, with the message, "Eat Your Heart Out @marcorubio."

The Ted Cruz campaign tweeted: A vote for Marco Rubio is a vote for men's high-heeled booties.

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MSNBC's Joe Scarborough joined in on the teasing: "It's like Austin Powers, baby! Look at those boots! They're shagalicious!!"

So what's the deal with those boots? Vanity Fair magazine speculates they may be $995 Italian boots from Maison Margiela - or ones from Tom Ford, costing a whopping $2,000.

But the Rubio campaign says they're actually fiscally responsible boots from Florsheim, costing a mere $135. 

Meghan Cleary, a shoe expert and founder of MeghanSAYS Shoes, told INSIDE EDITION: “We all know the Florsheim brand, a mass consumer brand. They’re definitely not designer."

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian went to a Florsheim store to find a similar pair, and demonstrated how much taller the boots made him. "I feel like I grew," he said.

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