Grenade That Sparked Courthouse Evacuation Was Actually a Gag Gift For New Sheriff

A phony grenade forced a courthouse evacuation when it was discovered in the mail.

A Pennsylvania courthouse was forced to evacuate after a grenade was delivered to the government building addressed to the county's sheriff, officials said. 

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Beaver County Sheriff Tony Guy ordered the court to be cleared as a precaution when a box arrived and was X-rayed in a routine check.

The X-ray showed what appeared to be a grenade inside, but it was eventually discovered to be a harmless gag gift.

It was mounted to a small piece of wood that said: “Complaint department. Take a number.”

According to reports, a numbered plastic ticket was attached to the pin of the fake explosive.

Authorities said the person who sent the box even marked it with his return address, but Guy said he has never heard of the man before.

According to AP, Guy said: "When I saw the name on the package, that's the first time I'd seen the name or heard of the person.”

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Sheriff Guy ordered the evacuation, which lasted for almost an hour-and-a-half.

According to District Attorney David Lozier, the sender of the package was upset that his gift caused any issue and has cooperated with investigators.

The man will not be charged.

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