Woman Who Stabbed Husband 193 Times is Back in Court

INSIDE EDITION reports on why the woman who stabbed her husband 193 times is back in court after serving 6 years of her sentence.

It's a trial no one will ever forget, thanks to an electrifying courtroom demonstration.

As defendant Susan Wright sobbed, prosecutors re-enacted the killing of her husband with a man tied to the blood-stained bed where Susan's husband was stabbed 193 times!

"I couldn't stop stabbing him," said Wright in court.

As the prosecutor demonstrated swinging a knife and said, "Twelve! Thirteen! One hundred ninety three times! Do you know how long that'd take?"

No one could take their eyes off the blonde one-time stripper during the 2004 trial that sent her to prison for 25 years. 

Today, in a startling transformation, Susan Wright is a prim brunette in eyeglasses, looking more like a librarian than a convicted killer.

Wright has served six years of her sentence, and now she's back in court claiming she was not responsible for what she did to Jeffrey Wright on January 13th, 2003.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent reports from the house where it happened.

According to the prosecution, Susan Wright seduced her husband in a candlelit bedroom, then tied his wrists and his ankles to the bedpost. The prosecution says she stabbed him 193 times, then dragged his body out the door and buried him in the backyard.

At her 2004 trial, Wright stunned everyone by claiming Jeffrey was not dead when she buried him, saying as she sobbed, "He was still alive. I was scared of him. He was still alive."

But it's a different Susan Wright who now sits in a Houston courtroom. Her original defense did not include battered wife syndrome. She's now seeking to get out on probation if the jury believes she killed her husband out of "sudden passion" after years of abuse.

Wright quietly wept as the dead man's mother relived the horror of the crime, saying, "We didn't sleep for nights. We would lay in bed and get up and sit in our chairs and just cry. It was a horrible experience. You can't get those images out of your mind."

Whatever happens, it almost seems as if two women are on trial. The weeping brunette, and the hysterical blonde.