Trump Orders Vermont Protester To Be Sent Out In The Cold Without a Coat

Trump drew a massive crowd - including protesters - to his a rally in Vermont on Thursday.

Donald Trump strikes again!

The presidential hopeful showed protesters no mercy during a rally in Vermont on Thursday - even calling for one to be ejected into the freezing cold without a coat.

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Supporters ripped signs from protesters and threw them out of the raucous rally in Burlington.

Folks lined up around the block in the heart of Bernie Sanders country. As many as 20,000 free tickets were handed out, but only 1,400 people could get inside.

Trump told the audience they were “very lucky” that they were able to get in.

Security reportedly asked attendees if they supported the GOP candidate, but protesters slipped in anyway.

Trump has also released a new attack ad featuring former President Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky. Hillary also appears in the ad with disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Trump even links Hillary to the Bill Cosby scandal.

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He posted the ad on Instagram with the caption: “Hillary and her friends!”

Bill O'Reilly said he thinks the ad goes too far.

“You know, I don't know if Hitler made it, but you know, he might have. It's crazy," he said on his Fox show on Thursday.

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