As Powerball Jackpot Reaches Record $800 Million, Here's How To Improve Your Odds

A seven-time lottery winner gives his advice for picking the winning numbers.

The Powerball jackpot is nearing a billion dollars.

As of Friday afternoon, the prize pot stands at a whopping $800 million - but last-minute ticket sells could push it over the billion dollar mark. It's already the largest jackpot in history.

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The chances of picking all six numbers are just one in 292 million.

Richard Lustig, who says he's won the lottery seven times, gave INSIDE EDITION advice for picking the winning numbers.

He said: “It's not that people are stupid, they just don't know how to play.”

He said there are some things you should never do.

“Do not do Quick Picks. Don't let the computer pick your numbers,” he said.

Choose your numbers and stick with them over time, he added.

“So even if you lose the next time your chances of winning with those numbers go up,” he explained.

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Lustig has advice if you are going to jump into an office pool with co-workers, saying: “Make sure everyone has a copy of all the numbers and a list of everyone in on the pool.”

However, his biggest advice is “only play if you can afford it. Don’t be using grocery money.”

The Powerball drawing takes place Saturday night.

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