Is Pizza Rat a Fake? Comedian Claims Rodent Was Trained

New York's best-known rat is under scrutiny.

The famous pizza rat that stole the hearts of many may not have been as junk food-driven as we all hoped.

New allegations claim the vermin may have been a trained animal that ran off with the slice as part of a staged video. 

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Comedian Eric Yearwood of the Upright Citizens Brigade, a well-known comedy group that launched the careers of Amy Poehler & Kate McKinnon, is raising questions about video.

He claims he was paid to appear in another famous rat video, known as “Selfie Rat.”

In the selfie rat video, a man who was sleeping on the subway platform freaks out to find a rat crawling up his chest. The rat then happens to press his little toe on the man’s cellphone and takes a selfie.

Yearwood claimed that he is the man sleeping on the platform and that the “Selfie Rat” and “Pizza Rat’ appears to be the same rodent.

He told INSIDE EDITION: "Selfie rat is definitely fake." 

According to Gothamist, a woman performance artist from Brooklyn who goes by the name 'Zardulu' may have trained the rat.

Matt Little took the video of the pizza rat and insists pizza rat is not a fake. He also happens to be a member of The Upright Citizens Brigade

He told INSIDE EDITION that the pizza rat video is "100 percent real. The pizza was real. The rat was real. The video was real. It was the most unbelievable thing I have seen in my life, which is why I shot it." 

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When reached by INSIDE EDITION for comment, Zardulu the rat trainer wrote in an email reply: “I am uninterested in discussing my pieces or the publicizing of them. I cannot imagine a more terrible thing to do. You'll never be able to definitively prove I’ve created anything.”

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