Teen Freaks Out When She Gets Tickets To A Sold-Out Justin Bieber Concert

Irish teen bursts out in tears and starts hyperventilating after being given Justin Bieber concert tickets.

An Irish teen just couldn't keep it together when she was given tickets to a sold-out Justin Bieber concert. 

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Ellen Murphy is a diehard Belieber, so when the pop star announced his tour dates in Ireland the 16-year-old begged her mom to let her camp out for tickets.

Ellen didn't know her mom, Carmel, was already working on it.

“The tickets for 2 concerts were sold out in 8 minutes so she was devastated to think she wouldn't get going,” Carmel told INSIDE EDITION. “Tickets for JB are like gold dust here so she didn't imagine it for one minute.”

The teen’s parents scored tickets for the coveted show this upcoming November and captured Ellen’s over-the-top reaction to receiving them.

Upon seeing those precious concert tickets Ellen appeared to be in shock, a video by ViralHog shows. The teen then threw herself back onto the sofa and collapsed onto the floor.

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As she sat on the floor, Ellen burst into tears and even started to hyperventilate as her family continued to film and laugh.   

Eventually she managed to form a few words, shouting “Justin Bieber”, and "it’s standing”, which caused her family to laugh. 

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