Woman Swimmer Rushed to Hospital After Catfish Impales Itself in Her Belly

Gruesome Facebook photos show catfish that impaled itself in the belly of a female swimmer in Brazil.

That had to hurt.

A catfish embedded itself into the abdomen of a female swimmer, who was rushed to the hospital so surgeons could remove the spiky fins impaled in her flesh.

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A paramedic posted photos of the gross-looking spines and wrote, “We were alerted to an incident where an object had penetrated a swimmer’s stomach and when we got there, discovered it was a fish,” The Independent of Britain reported.

The woman was swimming in the waters off a Sao Paulo resort.

Spines left after the fish was cut away:

“She was in a lot of pain. We didn’t remove the spine because only a doctor can do this. We took her to hospital so she could have microsurgery,” wrote ambulance worker Marcelo Araujo Tamada, the paper said.

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“Generally, we deal with people who have stood on a fish or cut a finger touching one, but I’ve never seen a catfish stuck to someone’s stomach,” he said. “It was definitely a first.”

Catfish stings can be quite painful. The spiky fins become rigid once they penetrate skin and must be carefully removed to avoid infection.

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