Infomercial Products Don't Always Deliver

You've seen commercials advertising amazing products, usually on late night TV that seem absolutely incredible. But do the products work?  Consumer Reports has put some of the most popular items to the test

They make big promises. But new tests show that some of the best known infomericals on TV are hawking products that simply don't deliver.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent tried one that's on TV every five minutes, The Slap Chop. Consumer Reports magazine tested The Slap Chop for the February issue.

"It's harder to use than they say and the results are not what they claim," says Consumer Reports

The Snuggie took America by storm last year. A reported 20 million were sold. But when the magazine asked 11 staffers to wear them and then put the blankets through 10 laundry cycles, they found uncomfortable sleeves and it deteriorates in laundry.

Among the 15 products tested was the famous Shamwow. Consumer Reports soaked Shamwows in liquid, and the cloths wiped up the spills, just like in the infomericals. But testers found that an old fashioned sponge worked just as well.

Consumer Reports has some words of warning to people, saying, "If you're inclined to pick up your phone and buy one of these things, wait 10 minutes, then you're more rational, the frenzy no longer there and you can ask yourself, 'Do I really need this thing?' "

The makers of Snuggies told us they stand behind their product 100percent. The other companies would not comment on the Consumer Reports test results.