14-Year-Old Sells Enough Cupcakes to Take His Family to Disney World

The family went to Disney for Thanksgiving.
Cheri Tuckett

Isaiah Tuckett of Minnesota had always wanted to go to Disney, but the trip had been too expensive his family.

A sweet 14-year-old sold thousands of cupcakes just so his family could go to Disney World.

Isaiah Tuckett of Minnesota had always wanted to go to the theme park, but the trip had always been too expensive for his family.

“We just never really had enough saved up to make the trip,” Isaiah’s mom, Cheri Tuckett, told InsideEdition.com. “It’s always been something that he wanted to do.”

Isaiah began making cupcakes when he was 12, starting with his grandmother’s 85th birthday. The cupcakes were a hit, and the orders began rolling in. Since then, he’s baked the treats for proms, graduations, birthday parties, weddings and more.

Last year, the eighth-grader decided he’d start using the proceeds to save for a trip to Disney. His parents helped by buying all the supplies he needed. It only took him one year to make his wish come true.

“I enjoy baking,” Isaiah said. “I knew I was going to meet my goal, but I wasn’t thinking in one year.”

He saved up around $4,500 selling his cupcakes at $20 a dozen.

“I was totally amazed that he did in a year,” Cheri said. “I was just proud of him that he kept the goal in the front of his mind and kept focused on that. He didn’t turn orders down.”

This past Thanksgiving, Isaiah and his mom, dad, siblings and nephew were able to make the trip to Florida together. Isaiah paid for flights, hotels and the Disney World tickets.

“I was really surprised and proud of myself,” Isaiah said of accomplishing his goal.

“He could have chosen just for us to go, but family is really important to him. The fact that he was able to save up to get everyone there, it was a fun memory that none of us will ever forget. I felt blessed to be his mom,” Cheri added.

Isaiah is already on to his next goal: to save up for his first car that he’ll be able to drive in two years.

“I am saving up for a blue Ford pickup,” he said.