INSIDE EDITION Talks to the Man Who Exposed Ted Haggard

The man who revealed that Pastor Ted Haggard was not who he seemed is speaking out against Haggard's claims that he is "cured" of his homosexual tendencies. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

"Ted Haggard is not cured, and in fact there's no cure for homosexuality, you are who you are!" says Mike Jones, the former prostitute who brought down Pastor Ted Haggard. He is speaking out for the first time about the claim that Haggard is free of "unwanted homosexual desires."  

"I was very honest with my counselors. None of them have said I was a homosexual, at first they said, 'You are a heterosexual with homosexual attachments,' " Haggard told INSIDE EDITION.

"Not one time in three years we were together did I ever, ever think that this was a heterosexual man with some gay issues," says Jones.

His face still bearing the marks of recent surgery, Mike Jones says Haggard, one of the nation's most powerful evangelical preachers, paid him for sex and drugs.

"If he would say, 'I am a gay man, however I choose to stay in my marriage and stay with my family,' I would have so much more respect for him, if he would say that. But to say 'I'm now heterosexual, 100 per cent,' that is just a lie," Jones says.

INSIDE EDITION also spoke to Haggard's wife Gayle, who stood by her husband in the wake of the scandal, and now is taking aim at Jones.

"Mike Jones doesn't know my husband," Gayle Haggard told INSIDE EDITION. "I think he has his own reasons for doing what he's doing, and he should not try to slap a label on my husband, he should let my husband be who he is."

Gayle is promoting her new book, Why I Stayed: The Choices I Made In My Darkest Hour.

"What do you say to people who think you're in denial, that your husband is really gay?" INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asks her.

"I think they don't know my husband, I know what my husband confessed to me, but I also know the journeys he's been on, I know the choices he's made, and that's what many people don't know," she says.


Gayle says she remained intimate with her husband throughout their ordeal.

"I knew the importance of not rejecting my husband at his vulnerable point even though both of us were vulnerable...and so instead of calling for a time out in our physical relationship, I drew near to my husband."