Man Who Gave His Shirt to Shivering Stranger: 'It Was the Right Thing to Do'

Joey Resto told INSIDE EDITION he couldn't leave the man without helping him.

A passenger on the New York City subway gave a frail and shivering homeless man the shirt off his back.

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Now the Good Samaritan, Joey Resto, a 23-year-old case worker, is speaking out about his act of kindness.

"I just did it because it was the right thing to do," he told INSIDE EDITION. "I would have felt bad and it would have been on my conscience if I had just left him like that."

In a video of the interaction, the homeless man is so weak he can barely lift his arms, so Resto gently pulls the shirt over his head for him, and then adjusts it to make it fit.

“He lifted his arms up like a child and he let me put the clothes on,” Resto said.

Resto then went back to his seat and fetched his hat. He carefully placed it on the homeless man's head.

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Resto’s actions were filmed by another subway rider, Lazaro Nolasco, on Friday night. The video was then shared to Facebook - where it is gaining millions of new viewers every hour.


#1 Beautiful moment in the NYC subway ????Miren este Video Wow ???? Este hombre se merese muchas bendisiones por la...

Posted by Läzaro El Feo on Friday, January 8, 2016

Resto’s girlfriend, Yani Martinez, says she couldn’t be prouder of her man. She said: "I think he's a great person and now everyone can see that he's a great person a well."

Resto said: “When I see something like that or I see something wrong I just do it. I act.”

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