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See Bedridden Grandma's Joy After Newlywed Grandson and His Bride Visit Her After Ceremony

A bedridden grandma was beside herself to see her grandson and his brand new bride at her bedside, just minutes after their wedding.

The bride wore white. The groom wore black. And his grandmother, hobbled by a broken ankle and forced to miss the ceremony, wore a bandage and a corsage and sat in her hospital bed, thinking good thoughts about the wedding she could not attend.

So she was shocked, and moved to tears of joy, when the brand-new husband and wife came to her bedside before they traveled to their reception.

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"I have a granddaughter!" exclaimed 91-year-old Peg McCormack when grandson Brian Kurtulik and Lauren, his wife of just minutes, walked into her room at a rehabilitation center where she was recuperating.

McCormack had no idea the couple was going to visit. She had only received word the day of the wedding that she wouldn't be able to go to the ceremony, which was held at the same church where McCormack had been married.

"There she sat in her wedding outfit, thinking of her sweet grandson on his wedding day, with no idea of what was to come," photographer Rachel Nolan, of Hello Gorgeous Photography, told INSIDE EDITION.

"When we walked into that room? Oh, she was just floored! Beside herself. She just kept saying 'I can't believe you're here!'" Nolan said.

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The gray-haired grandmother decked out in the dress she had planned to wear to the wedding, right down to her party shoes, grabbed her grandson's hand and held it to her weathered face, grinning from ear to ear.

"There wasn't a dry eye in the entire room," Nolan said. "I just stood back and watched things happen and tried not to make too much noise. Honestly, I was worried that none of the images would turn out at one point, the tears were falling so hard I couldn't see a thing!"

The couple received their wedding package this week, and the images are in heartbreaking focus. McCormack is seen with her mouth opened in shock, and her face is lit by love and joy.


Our #1 most liked photo of the year is a bitter sweet one from @laur_eliz_nico and Brian's wedding. After their ceremony and all of their portraits were done, we took a detour to visit Brian's grandmother who wasn't able to make it to the wedding but had been oh so excited for their day. She was dressed in her wedding outfit and corsage, but had no idea we were coming. The look on her face when she saw her beloved Grandson on his wedding day was one of the sweetest moments of my career. She just kept looking at Lauren and Brian in shock that they came to visit her and there was not a dry eye in the room. Sadly, a few weeks ago, she passed away and the world lost a special woman. But these two, they gave her one of the best days to remember and made her the happiest grandma ever. It was truly a special moment and it just speaks volumes to the kind of people Lauren and Brian are.

A photo posted by Rachel Nolan (@hellogorgeousrachel) on Dec 31, 2015 at 5:52pm PST


The moments are even more poignant because McCormack passed away a few weeks ago, making the couple's decision to visit her all the more prescient.

"The look on her face, the way she looked at Brian and Lauren, you could tell how much she loved them and how happy she was," Nolan said.

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