Pregnant Chelsea Clinton Joins Her Mom's Campaign Trail

Chelsea will make three stops in New Hampshire for her mom's campaign.

A pregnant Chelsea hit the campaign trail in crucial New Hampshire on Tuesday to drum up support for her mother.

It was the first time Chelsea’s been on the road since she announced in December that she's expecting her second child.

Chelsea will make three stops across the state in support for her mom. 

The latest Quinnipiac Poll shows Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders running neck-and-neck before the crucial Iowa Democratic Caucus. The poll shows Sanders edging with 49 percent and Clinton at 44 percent.

Hillary Clinton sat down for an interview with the influential Des Moines Register where she was asked if she's been in touch with any of the women who claimed they had sex with her husband.

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"No, I have nothing to say and I will leave it to voters to determine whether any of that is at all relevant to their decision,” she said.

Donald Trump also had some choice words for the Clintons marriage in a recent interview. He told NBC’s Chuck Todd on Meet the Press on Sunday that “she’s married to an abuser.”

Todd brought up the topic after Hillary accused him of sexist tendencies. Trump then discussed the claims against Bill Clinton over the years: “A woman claimed rape, and all sorts of things. I mean, horrible things."

Meanwhile, the war of words between Donald Trump and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly shows no signs of letting up.

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Trump fired back at her recent comments in Vanity Fair where she said: “I can't be wooed. I was never going to love him, and I was never going to hate him."

The GOP frontrunner tweeted:

They've been sparring ever since she hosted the first Republican debate in August.

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