Family of 4 is Killed in Mysterious House Explosion

A family in northeast Ohio died mysteriously after an explosion rocked their home Monday night.

A family of four was killed Monday night after a mysterious explosion rocked their northeast Ohio home.

Fire officials in Northfield Center Township on Tuesday said that the bodies of a couple and their daughters, ages eight and 12, were found on the first floor of the house, the AP reports.

The explosion caused a devastating fire in the comfortable home, which firefighters arrived to find with flames shooting from the roof around 9 p.m., according to WOIO.

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The mother, Cindy Mather, and her daughters, eight-year-old Ruthie and 12-year-old Allison, were reportedly found huddled in the front of the home. The body of the father, Jeff Mather, was found in the back, according to Fire Chief Frank Risko. 

Personnel from the Ohio Fire Marshal's office were examining the wreckage Tuesday to determine what caused the explosion and fire.

However, Chief Risko ruled out a natural gas leak early on and the gas company said there were no signs of a leak.

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"Our deepest condolences go out to family members that were killed in yesterday's home explosion and fire," the District 27 Firefighter's Association wrote on Facebook. "That is the worst fire tragedy we have had in a very very long time."

According to, the family's neighbor Randy Nickschinski and his son heard the explosion and ran to the home to help.

After breaking down the front door, the family dog came running out but there were no other signs of life.

"There was a lot of fire, a lot of debris," Nickschinski said. "It was very eerie. ... We were yelling and nothing. We were just looking everywhere."

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