Inside the Squalid Lair Where 'El Chapo' Passed The Time Watching DVDs

New images also show the flooded tunnel where the drug kingpin spent hours hiding from authorities.

Just-released video of the dramatic raid on Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman's hideout by Mexican military shows how intense the firefight was.

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Troops blasted their way into the compound as they fired assault rifles and threw stun grenades.

'El Chapo' fled down a secret tunnel which was located behind a mirror. It led to the local sewer system, which was flooded by rain. He was captured five hours later.

Inside his lair, soldiers found 'El Chapo' had been living in squalor. He watched DVDs featuring his favorite actress, Kate Del Castillo, who became a huge star in Mexico playing a violent crime boss.

Authorities released a new mugshot of 'El Chapo' which showed his black hair and mustache had been shaven.

Leaked photos show Sean Penn and Del Castillo as they arrived in Mexico to secretly meet with the world's most wanted drug kingpin.

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Mexican intelligence agents recorded everything and followed the wanted man's lawyer, who was photographed allegedly giving the actress a "burner" phone used to communicate with 'El Chapo.'

Robert Strang, a former top agent with the DEA, told INSIDE EDIITON: “If Sean Penn hadn't gone to Mexico to conduct this interview, we wouldn’t have him (El Chapo) in jail right now. You got to figure he's a little bit concerned for his safety.”

He added: “This is a person, 'El Chapo,' who has been responsible for thousands of violent deaths so I am sure everybody involved in this is concerned. It’s something that I’m sure he's thinking about now.”

Sean Penn told the Associated Press: "I have nothing to hide."

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