A Tired-Looking Lindsay Lohan is Sent Back to Rehab

INSIDE EDITION was in the courtroom as Lindsay Lohan cried and thanked the judge for ordering her straight back to Betty Ford rehab center instead of jail.

It's freaky Friday for Lindsay Lohan. She arrived at the Beverly Hills courthouse, wearing sunglasses, a black jacket, white t-shirt and jeans.

She puts her purse in the x-ray machine, and when she removes her glasses and turns around, you can see dark bags under her eyes, her hair pulled back in a messy pony tail. Not the glamour girl we're used to seeing.

Her mom Dina walked in behind her.

Inside the courtroom the D.A. pushed for Lindsay to spend at least 180 days in jail for testing positive for cocaine while on probation.

The judge was impressed that Lindsay voluntarily chose to spend the last several weeks in rehab at the Betty Ford center. Instead of going to jail, she was ordered back to rehab until January 3rd. So it's Christmas in rehab for Lindsay.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret reports from outside the Los Angeles courtroom where he sat just a few feet away from Lindsay who looked exhausted, and appeared nervous that she may go back to jail. But when the judge said she was going back to rehab, Lindsay began to cry and then thanked the judge.

When Lindsay walked out of court someone threw confetti on her.

Lindsay personally wrote a letter to the judge to help her case. The judge told Lindsay he didn't want to see her ruin her career.