This Colorblind Man Sees Color For the First Time and He Can't Stop Smiling

Jon finally got to see color for the first time thanks to a pair of special glasses.

A colorblind man couldn't stop smiling after seeing color for the first time thanks to a pair of special glasses.

Jon has been colorblind his entire life, which gave him so much anxiety that he would actually avoid discussing color.

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"I tried really hard to condition myself to learn the colors," he said in a video posted to YouTube. "I tried to stare at a color wheel for hours on end to try to differentiate all the colors but I couldn't. It just couldn't be done. And it was so stressful for me that I just broke down crying."

But after being given a pair of EnChroma glasses, which allow a colorblind person to see color, everything changed.

He was given the eyewear as a gift right before going to Disney's "Power of Color Theater."

"I don't know how to handle this right now," he says in the video, before putting the glasses on.

"Is this what it looks like?" he gasps as he looked around him. "Oh my god."

He then heads inside the attraction, where an announcer lists off colors as the room changes to match.

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When the walls go red and green, Jon can't believe it.

"That's what it looks like!" he says. "It looks white without [the glasses]."

After leaving the theater, he asks the friend who gave him the glasses: "How did you manage something so amazing?!"

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