10 U.S. Sailors Who Were Detained By Iran Have Been Freed

Iran detained nine men and one woman and two ships after they claim the vessels drifted into Iranian waters.

Ten U.S. sailors detained by Iran's Revolutionary Guards were released on Wednesday, one day after they were captured after their vessel had drifted into Iranian-claimed waters, officials said.

Iran officials said on state TV that the Navy personnel--one woman and nine men--were captured after their small Riverine boats drifted into Iranian-claimed waters of the Persian Gulf.

The Guard's official website published images of the detained sailors prior to their release. In the photos, the AP reports the sailors "look mostly bored or annoyed, though at least one of the sailors appears to be smiling."

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The female detainee's hair was covered in a cloth.

From the start, American authorities were told the Navy personnel and their small ships would be returned promptly.

Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said the riverine boats were traveling between Kuwait and Bahrain when the military lost contact with them, the wire service said.

"We have been in contact with Iran and have received assurances that the crew and the vessels will be returned promptly," Cook told the AP.

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The seizure set off a dramatic series of calls and meetings of U.S. officials trying to get details on the crew and contact Iranian government leaders, and comes at an intense time in relations between the two countries.

It came just hours before President Barack Obama was to give his final State of the Union Speech Tuesday night.

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