Cops: Amish Pastor Admits to Poisoning and Killing Wife Nine Years Ago

An Amish man 'unburdened' himself with a confession that he poisoned and killed his wife nine years ago, authorities said.

An Amish man in Kentucky has confessed to poisoning and killing his wife nine years ago when they lived in Missouri, according to Barren County Sheriff Kent Keen.

Samuel Borntreger, 39, told deputies "he was just burdened with it," said Keen. Law enforcement authorities in Harris County, Missouri, issued a first-degree murder warrant and he is being held in Kentucky on $250,000 bail awaiting an extradition hearing, officials said. 

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Borntreger allegedly told authorities he put battery acid in her body and anti-freeze in her drinks when they lived in rural Missouri.

At the time, her death was attributed to liver disease. Poisoning could have caused that condition, authorities said.

The man had become an Amish minister at his Kentucky church and felt the need to talk about his previous actions, Keen said,  according to the Bowling Green Daily News.

Borntreger and his late wife, Anna, had four children at the time of her death, and one was an infant, Missouri officials said. It is not clear where the children are now. 

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