The Catwalks Are Beefing Up Male Models

Fashion is always changing and the new look for male models is living proof. Gone are the days of super lean as the runways fill up with hunky muscle men. INSIDE EDITION talks to models on both sides of the trend.

They are manly, hunky models. Guys with bulging muscles and six packs, and they are all the rage on the runway.

For the past few years, rail-thin models dominated photo sessions. Thin was in, but now fashion is focusing it's lens on guys with more meat on their bones.

Damien Runes, Fashion Editor at GQ said, "I think we're seeing an increase in a more masculine look."

The New York Times says models are going from "boys to men."  And Dan Rohanna is enjoying the turnaround with his athletic build.

Rohanna told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm definitely seeing an increase in bookings. A year ago it would probably be once or twice a month. Now you're looking at three or four times a month."

But super thin Yemi Wilson's phone isn't ringing off the hook. He told INSIDE EDITION, "My agent has been telling me he'd like me to build more chest muscle, and get a little bit more defined in my arms because now that's the trend these days."