Watch as Stray Puppy is Rescued From Pipe in Abandoned Home

Dog rescuers in the grittiest part of St. Louis found a house full of feral puppies, one of which was lodged inside a pipe.

A group of animal rescuers in St. Louis are accustomed to seeing dogs in dire situations, but they were blown away recently by the state in which they found one little puppy.

Randy Grim from Stray Rescue told INSIDE EDITION he and his colleagues were combing a group of burned-out old homes in an area where feral dogs have been breeding for some three generations, when they came upon a pup stuck in a pipe.

The puppy was one of five found in and around the abandoned home by the rescue group as temperatures in the area dove below zero at night.

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"We had to clear as much debris from the pipe and then shake it. He was crying a bit and we were pushing on one end and shaking, you couldn’t get your hand in there to grab," Grim said. 

It took some work, but the trapped puppy was rescued and is resting comfortably.

"God put us in the right place at the right time," Grim told INSIDE EDITION. "How many are in that situation that rescuers don’t go find them? The floors are falling in, the roof is caving in, shards of glass and debris."

Grim said Stray Rescue shelters and cares for some 400 animals.

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"They all have horror stories," he said. "Shot in the back and hit by a car. Everyday is so unique and different and sometimes really sad ... but you’re happy that they’re safe."

Grim recorded much of the recent rescue on video that he's posted on the rescue group's website, where it's received thousands of views.

"I will let the pictures and video tell the rest of the story. All are safe; all are with Stray Rescue getting the TLC and medical attention they need. Yesterday was unforgettable on many fronts, but the pup in the pipe….well, it blew us away," he wrote on

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