Teen Waiter Discovers $20 Tip Is Actually A Bible Pamphlet In Disguise

A Kansas waiter was upset to discover that the generous $20 tip left for him was actually a disguised Bible pamphlet.

A Kansas waiter was excited at the prospect of a $20 tip left under a ketchup bottle, but on closer inspection he realized it was a fake.

A customer had actually left 17-year-old Garret Wayman a religious pamphlet disguised as money. 

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When Garret unfolded the fake tip, he was greeted with the text: "Don't be fooled! There is something you can have more valuable than money." 

On the back of the pamphlet were eight paragraphs encouraging him to buy a bible and to seek faith through Jesus Christ.

Garret posted a picture of the fake tip on Twitter:

someone seriously left this as my tip today. pissed is an understatement. i was so excited when i saw $20 pic.twitter.com/czntdlgoqS

- garret (@BEANBURRlTO) December 29, 2015

"I was just kind of taken aback. I didn't know why the guy thought I needed to go to church or why someone would leave something like that. I've received bible pamphlets before but never in such a deceptive way," Garret told INSIDE EDITION.

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Garret works at Mulvane DK, a local restaurant in the small town of Mulvane, Kansas. He has been waiting tables for about a year, and he told INSIDE EDITION that $20 would have been a phenomenal tip for him to get.

He added that the customer has returned to the restaurant and each time he dines there, he leaves the same disguised bible pamphlet instead of a real tip.

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