Rescue Group Searches for Kind Stranger Who Crawled Into a Sewer Drain to Save a Cat

One woman crawled into a sewer drain to save a little cat but people are wondering who she is.

A young woman squeezed into a sewer drain and completely disappeared while trying to rescue a cat.

In video posted to YouTube, a good Samaritan is seen putting her whole body into the drain to save the animal as her friend filmed the entire event.

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The courageous woman is seen going in the tiny space to save the cat she hears moaning inside the drain.

After a few moments, she emerged victorious from the hole and with the cat.

Now, the Great Animal Rescue Chase and Harmony Fund charity organization is trying to track down the woman.

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They are hailing her a hero and are looking for more info on her. If you have any tips, visit their Facebook page.


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