Mother Knits Herself Son Who Cuddles After Her Teenage Boy Outgrows Snuggling

Mom knits herself a son who doesn't mind cuddling her teenage boy outgrew snuggling, and he helped with the project.

A mom in Amsterdam knitted herself a new son when her teenage boy said he didn't really like cuddling anymore.

The textile designer and professional knitter created a life-sized boy suit complete with headphones and sneakers, and photos of her surrogate hug-happy son are popping up all over the Internet.

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Marieke Voorsluijsi also got some critical remarks online from posters who thought the images were ... well, creepy.

"I like to knit weird things," the woman told INSIDE EDITION in an email exchange. The project was a tongue-in-cheek enterprise she completed with her son and they both had a good laught while doing it, she said.

"I felt like knitting my son, he liked it and we worked together on it," she said. "The reactions during the process were so diverse - from creepy to beautiful - hat we decided to make some photos in real life to place the weirdness in context," she said.

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The photos were originally posted on the Club Geluk knitting site.

"It was a fun art family art project!" she told IE.

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