Newly Released Texts Show 'El Chapo' Didn't Know Who Sean Penn Was

Newly released text transcripts show "El Chapo" smitten with Mexican actress, but not quite sure who Sean Penn is.

In newly released text messages, the world's most wanted drug lord pines after a Mexican actress who wants to meet him and seems to have no idea who actor Sean Penn is.

The Blackberry missives that helped Mexican authorities find Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman were published Wednesday by a Mexican newspaper.

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Kate del Castillo, a Mexican and American actress, brokered the controversial meeting between the fugitive Guzman, herself and Sean Penn, who wrote about it in a much-maligned Rolling Stone interviewed posted online Friday night.

The billionaire kingpin was arrested Friday following a predawn raid by Mexican marines who stormed his mountain-top hideaway in Sinaloa state, killing five of his henchmen in the process.

Transcripts of Blackberry Messenger texts between Guzman, his associates and del Castillo were published by Milenio, and they add more strange details to an already strange tale.

Guzman coos like a smitten teenager, saying he can't wait to to meet del Castillo and appears to be willing to agree to anything, including Penn tagging along, in order to see her.

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According to the newspaper, the texts began in September 2014 and ended in November. Guzman is called "Papa" and del Castillo is "M," CNN reported, based on translations made from the Milenio article.

Their first conversation included this exchange:

Papa: "I really want to meet you in person, friend."

M: "Well, me too."

(Guzman provides details on the journey needed to reach his location)

Papa: "You are the best of this world. We will be great friends ... I will take care of you more than my own eyes."

M: "I'm beyond moved that you say you will care for me. No one has ever taken care of me, thank you!"

Guzman, who has twice escaped from maximum-security prisons in sensational break-outs, is accused of widespread murders and running one of the world's biggest drug-smuggling enterprises. His Sinaloa Cartel is considered the biggest importer of illegal narcotics into America, where he has been indicted by at least six federal grand juries on murder and drug trafficking charges.

But his vanity in wanting a movie made of his notorious life is credited with helping authorities track his locale. His conversations with producers and del Castillo were part of what brought him down, officials said.

It was Guzman who first approached del Castillo, after she posted positive messages online about him. She is a famous soap opera actress in Mexico who once played the head of a drug cartel.

Another text exchange, this one between a Guzman underling and his boss, shows Guman being informed of del Castillo's plan to bring Penn.

Penn is "one of the most recognized Hollywood actors," the worker says.

"Have her bring the actor, and if she sees the need to bring more people, let her bring them as she likes," Guzman said.

Later, Guman asks more about Penn.

Papa: "What is that actor's name?"

Olvidado (Guzman's employee): Sean Penn. He is the one in the movie 21 Grams."

Papa: "21 Grams. What year was it made?"

Olvidado: "I'm checking to make sure I give you the exact information."

Papa: "OK."

Olvidado: "21 Grams came out in 2003."

After the meeting between Penn, del Castillo and Guzman, the drug lord reached out to her again, this time under the name "1." She was identified as "Ermoza."

Ermoza: "I haven't been able to sleep much since I saw you. I'm very excited about our story. It's true. It's the only thing I can think of."

1: "Let me tell you that I'm more excited about you than the story, my friend."

Ermoza: "Ha, ha,ha! Knowing that makes me really glad. You make me blush."

Mexican jail officials say they are moving Guzman from cell to cell to prevent another escape and a have a 24-hour guard outside his door. Mexican authorities have said they will extradit him to the U.S.

Del Castillo, meanwhile, broke her silence Wednesday for the first time since Guzman's arrest with a post to Twitter.

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