Woman Strips Naked, Assaults Diner at Waffle House: Police

Jennifer Nicholson allegedly stripped naked and broke another woman's nose while at the Kennesaw eatery in Georgia on Friday, according to reports.

A Georgia woman is accused of going on a rampage at a Waffle House, taking off all of her clothes before attacking diners in the restaurant, officials said.

Jennifer Nicholson allegedly stripped naked and broke another woman’s nose while at the Kennesaw eatery on George Busbee Parkway on Friday, according to reports.

She also threw platters around the diner during her rampage, the Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote.

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“The accused stripped all of her clothes off in front of Waffle House staff and patrons during a suspected excited delirium state,” her arrest warrant allegedly said.

It was not immediately clear what spurred on Nicholson.

She allegedly resisted arrest, scratching a police officer across the chin, which drew blood, authorities wrote.

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Nicholson, of Marietta, was eventually arrested and was hit with a slew of charges, including aggravated battery and criminal damage to property, simple assault, obstruction, simple battery and public indecency.

She was being held without bond in the Cobb jail.

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