NBC Boss: Jimmy Fallon Doesn't Have a Drinking Problem, He Just Has Fun

The late-night host has famously suffered injuries after nights out.

"He doesn't have a drinking problem”— those are the final words in response to speculation that late night TV host Jimmy Fallon has an issue with alcohol, according to the funny man's boss at NBC.

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NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblat told reporters that the comedian's drinking is under control, saying: "He goes out and has fun and he's had some accidents."

"We are always worried about his safety and health and yeah, there's been conversations about that," he said on Wednesday.

Fallon’s drinking has reportedly been a cause for concern for some at The Tonight Show after a series of bizarre accidents halted production of the show.

Last June, Fallon almost severed his finger when he tripped and fell in his apartment. At a party in Harvard in October, he fell on a broken bottle slicing his other hand.

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The fun-loving host makes no bones about his fondness for booze, as drinking games are a regular feature on his show, Greenblat stuck by Fallon.

"He doesn't have a drinking problem that any of us know about," Greenblat said. 

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