Tulane Hero Who Saved Woman in Shooting Kept Low Profile at State of the Union

Peter Gold was invited to President Obama's address after recovering from a gunshot wound to the stomach.

Peter Gold is the young Tulane medical school student who was shot in the stomach in New Orleans when he came to the rescue of a kidnapped woman just before Thanksgiving.

Though he was at the president's final State Of The Union address on Tuesday, the humble hero kept his appearance low-profile with zero fanfare.

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Gold was a guest of Florida Republican Representatives John Mica, who invited people affected by gun violence to the speech. Peter is in Mica’s congressional district.

Mica told Bloomberg: “This isn’t a political statement or anything. It isn’t a conflict with the president or trying to upstage him or anything. This is a young man who carried out a courageous act.”

During the November incident, the accused kidnapper tried to shoot Gold in the head, but the gun jammed and repeatedly tried again before giving up and speeding off - leaving the woman he tried to kidnap behind.

At the State of the Union, the seat next to First Lady Michelle Obama was left vacant as a symbolic gesture to showcase the people who were victims of gun violence.

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The First Lady invited Staff Sgt. Spencer Stone, one of the American heroes who stopped a knife-wielding man on a French train from carrying out an attack, to attend the address as her guest.

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