President and First Lady Parodied in Viral Music Video

INSIDE EDITION talks to the recording artists at the center of a storm of controversy over their music video parodying President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

There's a firestorm of controversy over a shocking music video featuring Barack and Michelle Obama look-alikes.

In the video, an Obama look-alike raps, "I'm going to die for this country, man, swear to God!"

It's a hip-hop parody of the President and First Lady, and it's already a YouTube sensation.

James Davis and Jefondi Cato play the First Couple. Martin Asher directed the parody.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked the stars, "Did you ever think it would get this much attention?"

"No, not at all," Davis answered. "No,"  Cato added.

"Did it occur to you that the video would be perceived as disrespectful?" asked Alexander.

"It did. It did occur to me, but I'm an artist and this is my vision and if some people take offense I apologize but it's a joke," Davis said.

"I honestly don't think it's disrespectful," said Cato

The Obama character boasts of having a wife and a mistress. He smokes marijuana, and his language is peppered with "f" bombs and the "n" word, like in this lyric, "Talk is cheap so watch what you say! I'm president of the [expletive] USA!"

When Alexander asks if he would feel bad if the video affected Obama during Midterm elections, Davis said, "I would feel horrible. And I would feel bad for our society in general if they think that one sketch of Barack Obama is who Barack Obama really is."