'Grieving' Kangaroo May Have Actually Been Trying to Mate With Female

A kangaroo holding another dead kangaroo went viral but not is all as it seemed.

A dying female kangaroo reaching out for a final embrace with her baby kangaroo, while sorrowful dad cradles her head is capturing the world’s attention.

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However, it is not as somber as you think— the amorous male is apparently trying to mate with the stricken female.

David Mizejewski, a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation told INSIDE EDITION: “It's the mating season for these kangaroos down in Australia, and he's probably just attempting to mate with her.”

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Other experts even say the male may have accidentally killed the female with his aggressive behavior.

Mizejewski added: "Kangaroos during mating season are very violent with each other. They rise up on their hind legs. They kick with their back feet and they definitely punch with their front feet." 

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