Car Completely Encased in Ice is Finally Freed

The infamous 'ice car' found three days ago in an upstate New York parking lot has finally been freed by a tow truck.

The famous "ice car" that was found three days ago in an upstate New York parking lot has been pulled free from its icy tomb by a tow truck.

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Justin Yelen left his car parked overnight at a Hamburg restaurant and when he returned the next day, he found the vehicle completely covered in ice thanks to waves from Lake Erie.

Photos of the "carsicle" went viral, with many thinking he'd have to wait until summer to retrieve his vehicle.

On Wednesday, a plan was hatched to liberate the frozen Mitsubishi Lancer from its icy prison - but because of how the ice surrounded the car, there was no simple way to pull it free. 

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Frank Balester, the owner of Frank’s Flatbed Service, was able to melt the ice around the tire and eventually pull the car out.

Once the car was freed, it was taken to an auto shop, where they posted a picture of the car defrosting.

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