Middle Schooler Claims Principal Tried to Make Him Confess Allegiance to ISIS

A Long Island boy claims that after he was bullied into saying that he was a terrorist, administrators tried to make him "confess" his allegiance to ISIS.

A Long Island middle schooler claims that after he was bullied into saying that he was a terrorist who would blow something up, administrators tried to make him “confess” his allegiance to ISIS.

After being picked on by his classmates at East Islip Middle School, Nawshan Uppal, 12, said he finally did what he had been taunted over: he said he was a terrorist.

“I just wanted to get it over with; they would’ve like (kept) on annoying me,” the boy told PIX11, who first reported on the January 6 incident.

“Yes, I am a terrorist and I will blow up the school fence,” he responded, later admitting that he regretted what he said.

The following day, Uppal was called out of his last class of the day to speak with Principal Mark Bernard and Assistant Principal Jason Stanton, who allegedly yelled at the boy and demanded he say he was a member of ISIS.

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“He tells me to write the wrong thing when I didn't say it,” Uppal told the television station.

Uppal said he refused, saying he never said he was part of ISIS.

The school also called the police about the incident, which led to a search of the child’s home.

The Suffolk County Police Department confirmed to INSIDE EDITION that they were called to investigate the incident, saying that they were told there was a “situation” between boys in the cafeteria one day.

One of the boys said he was a terrorist because the others were “egging him on,” police said, but they could not confirm that there was any mention of ISIS.

Officials said the child and his mother – identified by PIX11 as Nubaisha Amar – consented to have their home searched, which turned up nothing suspicious.

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Uppal was also suspended from school for five days, according to PIX11.

“He suspended my son for what? He’s supposed to go ask the kids and investigate and he didn’t do his part,” Amar said of the principal.

She has called for his and the assistant principal’s termination, saying that she was left waiting for her son at the end of the school day while he was questioned by school officials. Amar said she was not informed of her son’s whereabouts until about two hours later.

Amar was scheduled to meet with the school district on Monday, but she said she was forced to cancel because she was sick.

John V. Dolan, the superintendent of the East Islip School District, reportedly denied the allegeations, but in a statement to IE,  said: "Privacy laws prohibit the district from commenting on individual student matters. The East Islip Union Free School District has and will continue to comply with all statutes and regulations in protecting the safety and well-being of all students and staff members. The district is unable to comment further at this time."

Officials from East Islip Middle School did not respond to IE’s request for comment. IE was unable to reach Amar or Uppal.

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