250-Pound Piggy Named Ziggy Is Traveling the Country With His Owners

Ziggy's owners found it so hard to find an apartment to rent because of his size that they now live in a motorhome and travel the country.

Kristin Hartness had always wanted a pig, so when she saw an online advert for teacup pigs that grew to no more than 20 pounds, she was sold.

"I thought, 'this is perfect,'" she said in a video by HooplaHa.

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But there was a problem: it wasn't a teacup pig. And her new pet didn't stop growing.

Five years on, Ziggy the pig tips the scales at a whopping 250 pounds.

Having such a large animal proved a problem for finding a place to rent in the Virgin Islands, where Kristin lived with her boyfriend, Jay Yontz. But the couple wasn't going to leave the portly piggy behind.

"Giving up Ziggy was never an option," Kristin said.

Jay added: "We couldn't decide on a place to go so we figured we'd go everywhere."

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So they loaded their belongings into a motorhome and the trio now travels wherever they please. Ziggy, who only eats organic fruit and vegetables, is happy to meet anyone on their adventures.

"He is the most handsome, beautiful soul you've ever seen in your entire life," Kristin said.

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